Dead-end Job #2: Ham & Harassment

Supermarket The second job back home was another weird one. Landed another Deli assistant position after the South-African shop debacle, but this time it was in a major supermarket. Basically, the only reason I got the position was because my mum and sister had both worked there before - even though the manager hated both …

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Dead-end Job #1: The Sociopath Boss

The South African Food Shop Well, I may as well go into detail about my experiences back home after leaving London. As bleak, David Lynch esque and frustrating as these dead-end jobs felt at the time, they had their black comedy moments. First up, there  was the South African Food Shop were I started working as …

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Skip altogether if you don’t care as this will be really long: You’ll never, ever catch me sharing anything like this again so don’t worry! But would just like to be somewhat honest, for once... If you know me well enough then you’ll be very aware that I’ve not been particularly visible, less sociable and …

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